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Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Office - 2900 University Parkway, Lawrenceville, GA 30043 - ph. 770-619-6500

Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Office

Sheriff Explorer Post #699

What is Law Enforcement Exploring?

This program, in conjunction with the Boy Scouts of America, is a co-educational program developed to provide young adults with opportunities to explore law enforcement.  Young adults, ages 14 thru 20, who maintain a “C” average or better in school are eligible to participate.

The Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Office Explorer Program was developed to educate and involve our community’s youth in Law Enforcement Operations in order to interest them in possible Law Enforcement careers and to build mutual understanding. The educational aspect provides knowledge of the Law Enforcement function in their community, whether they enter the career of law enforcement or not. The Explorer Program establishes an awareness of the complexities of law enforcement services through their active involvement. While law enforcement personnel remain the key to success, other reliable citizens can also become involved in the Exploring program.

 For further information regarding the Law Enforcement Explorers Program, please contact:

Captain Frank Woods 770-822-3924


The Law Enforcement Explorers program has three main themes:

To further the Explorer’s education

To encourage the Explorer’s participation in a rewarding and productive service activity

To enhance the Explorer’s preparation for future roles as citizens, community members, leaders and for future law               enforcement careers.

The Law Enforcement Explorer program provides young men and women with a unique educational experience by exposing the members to basic knowledge of the field of law enforcement. Members will receive instruction in all phases of law enforcement - including criminal law, criminal investigation, traffic law, traffic control and direction, accident investigation, crime prevention, juvenile delinquency - and other fields which are vital parts of law enforcement.

Many previous members of Post #699 have gone on to establish careers in Law Enforcement or Criminal Justice, including several who are now current members of the Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Office.